Best Tennis Balls For Walkers – Guide (2024)

My cousin, an avid walker, stumbled upon an unexpected game-changer: repurposed tennis balls as walker glide balls. This simple modification delivered smoother, quieter strides and effortless movement. If you’re looking for the perfect walker slide balls, I highly recommend the “RMS Walker Glide Balls.” These innovative attachments are designed to fit most walkers and roll smoothly over various surfaces, from sidewalks to carpets. They not only reduce friction but also minimize the noise, ensuring a peaceful and distraction-free walk. With RMS Walker Glide Balls, you’ll glide through your daily strolls effortlessly and with style. Choosing the best tennis balls for walkers is a smart move. Repurposing them as walker glide balls is both economical and practical, extending the life of your walker’s leg tips and enhancing stability and maneuverability. They become trusty companions for any walk, making every step effortless.

Our Top Picks – Best Tennis Balls For Walkers

1- RMS Walker Glide Balls 2- Magicorange 4 PCS Precut Walker Tennis Balls 3- STARTOP Deluxe Pre-Cut Walker Tennis Ball Glides 4- Drive Medical 10121 Walker Tennis Ball Glides 5- Top Glides Precut Walker Tennis Ball Glides

1- RMS Walker Glide Balls

The RMS Walker Glide Balls are a set of four pre-cut balls designed to enhance the mobility of walkers. These glide balls are easy to install and provide a smooth and quiet movement experience, making them an ideal choice for indoor use to protect floors from scratches and scuffs caused by walkers. They fit most walkers with standard 1-inch tubing and are available in a range of attractive colors.

Easy Installation

The pre-cut opening makes installation a breeze, requiring no tools. Simply slip the walker balls onto the walker’s legs for immediate use.

Floor Protection

These glide balls are recommended for indoor use as they help safeguard your floors from damage caused by walker movement.

Smooth & Quiet Movement

Designed for a quiet and smooth glide, these walker balls enable discreet and peaceful mobility.

Versatile Fit

Compatible with most walkers featuring standard 1-inch tubing, ensuring broad compatibility.

Color Variety

Choose from a range of vibrant colors, including Pink, Blue, Purple, and Gray, offering a stylish and personalized touch to your walker. Pros
    • Ready to use
    • Smooth and quiet mobility
    • Versatile fit for most walkers
    • May not fit all non-standard walker tubing sizes
    • Specific to walker accessories, not suitable for other applications

2- Magicorange 4 PCS Precut Walker Tennis Balls

The Magicorange Precut Walker Tennis Balls offer a convenient solution for protecting floors and making furniture and walker movement smoother. Made from high-quality rubber with a soft felt exterior, these pre-cut tennis balls are designed to fit most walkers and provide heavy-duty floor protection. They are versatile enough to be used on chairs, desks, stools, tables, and, of course, walkers.

Easy Installation

The pre-cut design ensures effortless installation, making it simple to slip these tennis balls onto your walker or furniture legs.

Universal Fit

These tennis balls are cross-cut to a 2-inch diameter, making them suitable for most walkers, and can also be used on various furniture items.

Multi-Purpose Use

Perfect for walkers as well as chairs, desks, stools, and tables, offering versatile floor protection for multiple applications.

Floor Protection

The soft felt exterior not only ensures quiet movement but also effectively shields your floors from scratches and scuffs. Pros
    • Easy and safe installation
    • Universal fit for most walkers
    • Versatile use on furniture
    • Durable
    • Made of rubber, which may not be as quiet as some other materials
    • May not fit extremely large or non-standard walker legs

3- STARTOP Deluxe Pre-Cut Walker Tennis Ball Glides

The STARTOP Deluxe Pre Cut Walker Tennis Ball Glides are designed to enhance the mobility of seniors and individuals with movement challenges using walkers. These innovative walker balls feature real tennis balls with premium-grade felt, ensuring optimal gliding performance over various surfaces like doorways, sidewalks, and carpets. They come with a pre-cut Star Top opening for a secure fit and offer floor protection without causing scuffs or scratches. Plus, they let you express your personality with fun animal print options.

Improved Walker Ski Glides Mobility

Utilizes real tennis balls with premium-grade felt for superior gliding over doorways and carpets, ensuring a smoother walking experience.

Secure Fit with Unique Cut Pattern

The specially engineered cut pattern provides a better fit compared to other walker balls, eliminating the need for risky DIY cutting.

Floor Protection

Unlike plastic glides, these walker balls won’t leave scuff marks or damage hardwood, linoleum, or Pergo floors, ensuring the preservation of your flooring.

Variety of Styles

Choose from four fun animal prints (Zebra, Tiger, Cheetah, and Leopard) to add a touch of personality to your walker.

Tool-Free Installation

Easily slide these balls onto 1 1/8″ tubing of most walkers without the need for additional tools, ensuring hassle-free setup. Made with actual tennis balls for maximum durability. Pros
    • Enhanced glide mobility
    • Secure and easy installation
    • Stays on tight
    • Stylish animal print options
    • Specific to walkers with 1 1/8″ tubing
    • May not fit all walker models

4- Drive Medical 10121 Walker Tennis Ball 

The Drive Medical 10121 Walker Tennis Ball are designed to enhance the safety and convenience of adult walkers. These glides serve as replacement pads for walkers, offering a quieter and smoother walk. Crafted from durable plastic material, they enable smooth maneuverability over various surfaces. With easy installation, these glides are a practical alternative to standard walker glides, providing a premium walking experience.

Safety and Convenience

These glides are designed to improve walker safety and convenience by reducing noise and providing a smoother glide.

Quality Construction

Made from durable plastic, these glides ensure long-lasting performance and allow adult walkers to move effortlessly across different surfaces.

Easy Installation

Installation is hassle-free, making them a convenient choice for those seeking a quick and effective solution to walker glide replacement.

Premium Walker Glides

These glides offer an upgraded experience compared to regular tennis ball walker glides, enhancing the overall walker user experience. Pros
    • Quieter walking experience
    • Smooth maneuverability
    • Durable glide
    • Made of plastic, which may not be as durable as some other materials
    • May not fit all walker models

5- Top Glides Precut Walker Tennis Ball 

Top Glides Precut Walker Tennis Ball offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for enhancing the mobility of walkers while protecting floors and carpets. This package includes four pre-cut tennis balls (2 pairs) in a vibrant green color. They are ready to use, require no tools for installation, and feature a soft felt exterior that ensures smooth and quiet gliding. With a cross-cut opening for safety and easy installation, these glides also come in a variety of colors and styles to suit your preferences.

Special Deal

This package includes four pre-cut tennis balls (2 pairs) at an attractive price, making it a great value.

Ready to Use

Installation is effortless – just slip them onto your walker’s legs, and you’re ready to go without the need for additional tools.

Floor and Carpet Protection

The soft felt exterior not only provides a smooth and quiet glide but also safeguards your floors and carpets from damage.

Cross-Cut Opening

Designed for safety and ease of installation, the cross-cut opening ensures a secure fit on walker legs.

Color Variety

Choose your favorite from a selection of 15 colors and styles to add a personalized touch to your walker. Pros
    • Value pack with 2 pairs
    • Easy and tool-free installation
    • Wide range of color and style options
    • Sturdy and durable
    • May not fit all walker models
    • Limited information was provided about material composition.

Personal Recommendation

I wholeheartedly endorse the RMS Walker Glide Balls, particularly based on my cousin’s experience during his recovery days after an accident. These glide balls proved to be incredibly valuable as he relied on a walker for mobility. Their easy installation spared his floors from scratches, and they ensured his movements were both smooth and quiet. Compatible with most walkers with standard 1-inch tubing, they even allowed him to add a personal touch by selecting from various colors. This product played a pivotal role in his recovery journey, making it an essential addition for anyone in a similar situation. Don’t miss out on the convenience and floor protection these glide balls provide – they’re a small investment with significant benefits. Give them a try and enjoy a more comfortable and worry-free mobility experience.

Choosing the Right Tennis Balls for Your Walker

So, you’ve decided to equip your walker with tennis balls for smoother mobility. Great choice! But before you hit the store or browse online, there are a few things you should consider to ensure you get the best fit and performance for your walker. 1. Walker Compatibility Not all tennis balls fit every walker. Most walkers have legs with tubing that’s about 1 inch in diameter, but it’s essential to measure your walker’s leg size to confirm compatibility. Some tennis ball drifts are designed for larger or smaller tubing, so make sure they fit your walker snugly. 2. Pre-Cut vs. DIY Do you want to DIY your walker tennis balls or go for the pre-cut ones? Pre-cut tennis balls are ready to slip onto your walker without any hassle. DIY options require you to cut a slit in the ball and then attach it to the walker’s leg. While pre-cut is more convenient, some folks prefer the DIY route for a custom fit. 3. Material Matters Consider the material of the tennis ball slides. Traditional tennis balls are made of rubber and felt, but there are also options made of different materials like plastic or a combination of materials. Rubber and felt provide a quieter drift, which is a significant plus for indoor use. Plastic options may be less quiet but can still get the job done. 4. Floor Protection One of the key benefits of using tennis balls is protecting your floors. Look for glides with a soft felt or fabric exterior. This helps prevent scratches and scuffs on your hardwood, linoleum, or carpeted floors, especially when compared to using hard plastic glides. 5. Style and Personalization Believe it or not, you can add a touch of personalization to your walker by choosing tennis ball glides in different colors or styles. Some brands offer a variety of fun colors and even animal prints. So, go ahead and pick something that suits your taste and style. 6. Quantity Matters Consider how many tennis ball glides you need. Most packages come in pairs, so you can outfit both the front and back legs of your walker. Some even offer deals with multiple pairs, which can be handy if you need replacements down the line. 7. Quality and Durability Invest in quality tennis balls that can endure daily use. Read reviews and consider well-known brands that offer durable glides. You don’t want to be constantly replacing them. 8. Easy Installation Last but not least, make sure the installation is straightforward. You shouldn’t need any fancy tools to attach the tennis balls to your walker. It should be a simple, tool-free process. By keeping these factors in mind, you can select the perfect tennis balls for your walker, ensuring a smoother and quieter walking experience while also protecting your floors. Happy walking!


When searching for the ideal tennis balls to use on walkers, the primary goal is to enhance mobility while protecting floors. Consider standard tennis balls or specially designed walker tip balls. The key is ensuring they fit securely and provide a smooth, quiet glide. Your choice depends on convenience and compatibility with your walker. Ultimately, the right tennis balls for walkers can significantly improve your overall mobility experience. So, select the option that best suits your needs, and enjoy easier, quieter walks with confidence.


Do tennis balls on walkers help?

Yes, tennis balls on walkers can help. They provide a smoother glide, reduce noise, and protect floors.

What is better for a walker, tennis balls, or skis?

Tennis balls are a popular choice for walkers due to their ease of use and floor protection. Skis are an alternative but may require more effort to install and can be noisy on certain surfaces.

What is the best way to put tennis balls on a walker? 

To put tennis balls on a walker, cut a small slit in the ball, then squeeze and slide it onto the walker’s legs. Alternatively, pre-cut tennis ball glides are available for easy installation.

How can I make my walker slide easier? 

You can make your walker slide easier by using tennis balls or specialized walker tip attachments. Ensure your floors are clean and dry for smoother movement.

How often do you change the tennis balls on a walker? 

The frequency of changing tennis balls on a walker depends on wear and tear. Inspect them regularly for damage, and replace them when they show signs of wear or lose their smoothness.

How do ski glides benefit users when applied to tennis balls?

When tennis balls are fitted with ski glides, they help protect floors and surfaces from scratches and scuff marks. The glides also make it easier to move furniture or equipment without causing damage.